Out on a Limb with Gabby Allan Podcast

Out on a Limb with Gabby Allan

Keep an eye out for this new feature that I’m putting together! I’ll be chatting with other authors, editors, publishing professionals, and hopefully a few agents!

Bill Peschel – All things books, annotated awesomeness, and publishing!

Introducing Out on a Limb with Gabby Allan!

Christine D’Abo/Alyse Anders – Cyborgs, Aliens, Wrapping core stories, oh my!

Briana Michaels – Writing from the gut and writing series while self-publishing

Rachael Miles – Historical Romance and adding in some mystery!

Rob E. Boley – Dark Fantasy, Horror, and all things bookish!

R.A. Boyd – Shifters and paranormal romance!

Holly Bush – American Historical Romance and covers that stick with you!

Joel Burcat – Join us as we talk Thrillers, YA, Environmental Law and all things writing!

Megan Hart – NY Times Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller of Erotic Romance and Horror

Vicky Burkholder Talks World Building

The Ways I’ve Published and How It Works – breakdown of publishing options

Adrienne Dunning – Contemporary Romance and Paranormal Mystery

Rachel Rawlings – USA Today Bestseller of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

LeAnna Shields – Paranormal Mystery Author and The Cozy Sleuth Podcaster